2015 District Committee

 District Committee

District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district’s territory. The purpose of the District Committee is to work through chartered organizations and community groups to organize and support successful units. The end result of effective district support is more youth members receiving a better program.

 All districts are responsible for carrying out four standard functions:

  • Membership
  • Fund Development
  • Program
  • Unit service


District Executive

Wes Miller

423-914-1510    E-mail Wes

District Chairman

Alan Corley

423-823-1562    E-mail Alan

District Vice-Chair (Administration & Finance)

Art Masker

423-416-7400    E-mail Art

District Vice-Chair (Program)

Dennis O’Neill

443-988-8305    E-mail Dennis

District Commissioner & Communications Coordinator

Bart Reviere

423-552-0622    E-mail Bart

Assistant District Commissioner (Advancement)

Jim Snyder

423- 552-8430    E-mail Jim

Assistant District Commissioner (Training)

Steve Shore

601-383-0935    E-mail Steve

Cub Scout Training Chair

Barbara Richard

423-552-3284    E-mail Barbara

Boy Scout Training Chair

Jim Richard

423-552-0867    E-mail Jim

Cub Scout Roundtable Chair

Jan Orazi

423-921-8939    E-mail Jan

Cub Scout Assistant Roundtable Chair

Rebecca Cochran

xxx-xxx-xxxx    E-mail Rebecca

Boy Scout Roundtable Chair

James Sauceman

423-329-0472    E-mail James

Boy Scout Assistant Roundtable Chair

Dennis O’Neill

 443-988-8305    E-mail Dennis

Cub Scout Camping & Activities

Barbara & Jules Richard

423-552-3284    E-mail Barbara & Jules

Boy Scout Camping & Activities

Bob Showalter

423-470-2014    E-mail Bob

Venturing Camping & Activities

Kari & Kevin Walker

423-358-5602    E-mail Kari & Kevin

Advancement – Eagle Scout Reviews

Rich Woods

423-470-8669    E-mail Rich

OA Advisor

Scott Loewenkamp

 E-mail Scott

OA Assistant Advisor

Rich Woods

423-470-8669    E-mail Rich

Membership Chair

Jason O’Dell

423-620-9298    E-mail Jason

Marketing Chair

Alan Corley

423-823-1562    E-mail Alan

FOS Chair

Buddy Yonz

E-mail FOS Chair

District Pinewood Derby Chair

Alan Corley

423-823-1562    E-mail Alan

Expo Chair

Jeff McNeese

423-552-5052    E-mail Jeff