District Pioneer Award Recipients

PioneerThe District Award of Merit (Pioneer Award) is the highest award that is given to a Scouter at the District level and also the only “non-square knot” in the knot award group. The District Award of Merit is awarded by a District to a volunteer for outstanding service to youth in the District.

1972    George Burkey
1973    Paul Voiles, Sr        Celton Van Cleave
1974    Jeanette Jeffers      Billy Cannon
1975    Billy Jeffers            Adrien Yelle
1976    Bob Clark               Charles Bryant
1977   John Kivlighan         Martin Gourley
1978    Gene Johnson         Willie Violes
1979    Art Masker
1980    Howard Holley       Charlie Faulkerson
1981    Alan Corley            Ralph Freer
1982    June Bryant           Virginia Johnson
1983    Ron Smith              Juanita Hicks
1984    Jerry Griffin           Bart Reviere
1985    Mary Franklin        Royal Spees
1986    Buddy Yonz
1987    Ulys Franklin          John Love
1988    Janie Bolton          Jim Smith
1989    Yvonne Ottinger    James Sauceman
1990    None Presented
1991    Marcia Mullins
1992    John Huffine
1993    John Goode
1994    Carol Evans
1995    Judy Knight
1996    Jim Snyder         Doug Godbee
1997    Wanda James
1998    Sheri Beverly       Janet Harmon
1999    Linda Chappell
2000    Jeanne Ripley      Robert Wallace
2001    Dan Thornton      Emil Prisco
2002     Jim Archer          Steve Freudenberger
2003    Jim Richard         Bill Rymer
2004    Ken Thacker         George Miller
2005    Jim Kenney
2006    Milton Parham     Jeanne Burgner
2007    Mary Lyn Corley    Clara Riddle
2008   Jewel Laws             Bob Showalter
2009   Wanda Dean
2010   Derek Metcalf        Scott Loewenkamp
2011   Jules Richard         Barbara Richard
2012   Jason Odell
2013    Lawrence Pitts       Jan Orazi
2014   Kevin Walker
2015    Jennifer Heath       Kari Walker